A Cardiff-based video production company, specialising in films, commercials and music videos.

Panik Attak Productions

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feature films

The survival horror A WALKING SHADOW has been described as OPEN WATER meets REPULSION. It's a fresh take on a rotting sub-genre.

DEATH, INC. has chain-smoking, caffeine-hooked ‘facilitators’ everywhere, ensuring that when our time comes everything goes according to plan. If we don’t die at the right time and place the ensuing butterfly effect can be devastating. John Gray is a facilitator. He plans for every eventuality, except falling in love. DEATH, INC. is an award-winning concept under option with Dark Pictures Ltd.

THE DEAD WITHIN is an antidote to the recent wave of wish-fulfilment revenge fantasies, such as THE BRAVE ONE, OUTLAW and HARRY BROWN. It is not DEATH WISH. It is a cold, hard stare at justice: raw, unflinching and real in its approach.

CUTTING OFF is high concept comedy about a guy who chooses the girl of his dreams over the friends from hell. In the vein of such films as THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY and I LOVE YOU, MAN, it's about love, friendship and all the crap that happens in between.

MORNING MISTER MAGPIE is an off-beat character-driven comedy that challenges the commonly held misconception that you can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family. Described as 'the British NAPOLEON DYNAMITE' by The Film Agency for Wales and 'picking up where TWIN TOWN left off' by Movie Mogul Fund.

BIG BROTHER meets THE SHINING in BORLEY, a horror comedy based on Harry Price’s infamous study of “the most haunted house in Britain”. The larger-than-life Price holds an open audition to pick a team of misfits in the largest paranormal investigation of our times. They are ready to face down everything the devil has to throw at them, unaware that their greatest fight will be with the devil inside.

short films

WINNING  A short short about winning, or not winning, a film festival award.

MOVIE PEOPLE  Just when things start to make sense you realise you're about to lose everything you've fought for. Why? Because you're a character in a movie, and the movie is about to end.

PRISONER OF CONSCIENCE  A seemingly opportunistic carjacking spirals into something more sinister.

MORNING MISTER MAGPIE  Stand By Me meets Jaws in this coming of age comedy.

ROCKET MAN  An eight year old girl says goodbye to her grandad in a very unusual way.

THE SURVIVORS  A Saturday shift awake to find themselves trapped under the debris of what used to be their office.

BREAKING 11B  A tormented supply teacher cracks, exacting an unusual revenge on his most troublesome pupils.

YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE  A girl cuts through a park on her own after a night on the tiles. But is she alone?

CLINICAL WASTE  What if we didn't win World War II? How would the Nazi's use modern technology to control us? A short sci-fi drama.

MY ONE DAY WAR  BLAIR WITCH meets BRAVO TWO ZERO in this story of a soldier's first night in a war zone.

DEATH, INC.  The short film version of Death, Inc. tells the backstory of John Gray.